Planning ahead

So im on placement abroad and i seem to have alot of time on my hands so im thinking ahead to my 4th and final year at uni in the uk, im on the boat design course at coventry university. Our university offers a BA or an undergraduate masters degree (MDes) of which i need to make a decision on which to take! The basic difference is that with the Mdes course you have to right a research report, this intern leads to the design project for our final degree show. Where as with the BA you do a design competition and the final project for the degree show.

Im just wondering what people in the idustry take of the two differing degrees and how this may affect employment chances?

I have tryed explaining this to my boss on placement to get his opinion but the language barrier has proven this difficult, any opinions on this is much appriciated.

based on the spelling and grammar in that post, I’d say go for the BA! :wink:

Seriously though, it depends on what you want to do, both choices have the opportunity to be good or bad. As a friend of mine says, first you make a decision, then you make it right. If you want to be more research, strategy and process based, go with the MDes, if you want to be more in the trenches, on the boards, being a more creative/intuitive designer, I’d say go for the BA. Both are totally valid and needed.

thanks for the advice nice to know my thoughts are in line with people in industry! Yer my grammar is shocking if im honest!