Planning a visit to UC

hey everyone-

for those of you who have not seen my other threads, i’m planning on going into ID for Fall 2011 as a 2nd undergraduate degree (1st was Engineering). UC has a very interesting program to me. i think it would satisfy most of my criteria.

i’m planning on flying to Cincinnati from Canada to visit, check out the program, get some time face to face with some of the key people, and hopefully make a positive impression.

any recommendations? specific things i should ask to see? people i should talk to? should i bring my portfolio?

Awesome! When are you planning on visiting? I would contact Amberly Miller ( She is the Assistant Dean and was extremely helpful when I was looking into DAAP. All of the ID Professors are worth talking to, they will all have a unique view on the school and the design process. Gerry Michaud might be an interesting person for you to talk to, he has more of an engineering bent to his process so it might be good to talk to him. He is a main driving force behind a lot of the amazing rapid prototyping machinery that DAAP has acquired over the years. Raphael Zammit and Brigid O’Kane are two transportation design professors that would be great to talk to. Sooshin Choi, Peter Chamberlain, and Tony Kawanari and all great for traditional ID. I would suggest contacting Amberly first, she’s usually connected to everyone and can guide you properly.

If you are visiting after the holiday, I and some of the other students that I know who post here will be back from co-op, like Emmanuel (Sain), I’m sure we’d be up to give you an unfiltered student perspective. I’m starting my 3rd year and am in the same situation as you except my BA was in Political Science so if you want to know that it’s like to be the pensioner in class I can fill you in on that, ha.

I would definitely bring your portfolio, but only if you think that the work is strong enough to help your chances. Since you’ll probably be taking the foundation courses it’s not expected that you have one but it’s probably a good idea. If you want to post some of your work for crit here, that might help. I know someone like Tony Kawanari would probably enjoy looking at it.

Good luck!

Choto is right. Let us know when you plan on making the visit and we’ll be sure give you a behind the scene tour of the building.

Also if you happen to visit during January. You might be able stop in on a few of the IDSA event that are planned. Portfolio reviews, upperclassmen/underclassmen mixers, etc. These events usually happen the first few weeks of school, since classes haven’t picked up yet, and would make great opportunities to meet and talk to people.

ya choto you replied to some of my PM’s about DAAP. thanks for the replies both of you guys.

i’m not sure on scheduling yet, but it will definitely be next year. transfer applications are due March 1. so i’m thinking of visiting late January or early/mid Feb. so probably between Jan 15 and Feb 15, something like that. when are the IDSA events you mentioned?

Be sure to check out the gym/rec center too. It’s a really impressive building.
(I don’t go to UC, but toured it a few years ago.)

Koolyt, not sure if there are any set dates for any events yet. The dates you have sound good since you would be able to see projects mid stream, plus everyone would still be lucid/coherent and not suffering from end of quarter burn out! The first couple of weeks may be a little underwhelming and the last weeks of the quarter would probably be too chaotic.

Yeah definitely get a campus tour when you visit it’s a pretty nice campus.

Sorry to hijack this thread, I’ve been lurking around here for quite some time and am planning a visit to UC around this time as well, I am in the same boat coming, in as a transfer student, if you guys are down I would definitly be interested in meeting up or even sharing a vist koolyt

Sounds like a plan scout, just let us know when you’ll be visiting.