Placing clean sketches into Illustrator...

Im having trouble placing sketches i scanned into photoshop into illustrator. my problem is when i place them into illustrator the resolution is a little choppier than pshop. i tried resizing and changing the resolution but it still seems to be not quite right. i also changed the pshop files to cmyk before placing (i dont know if tht would help). i scanned them in at 150 dpi. any suggestions on how to transfer sketches from pshop to illustrator to look flawless like the scan would be greatly appreciated…


try scanning in at 300dpi and make sure if you resize, it’s to make it smaller. If you resize larger than the origional sketch size you’ll start to loose some sharpness.

If you do want to resize bigger I suggest you do this during the scan (using the scanners options). This will work b/c it’s a photographic process and not a digital one like when pshop.

I tried them at 300 dpi but the problem is still evident. they look choppy when i shrink them down in illustrator. im not resizing them to be bigger.

What file type have you saved as?

Try JPEG if you haven’t already.

Good luck!

Are they just previewing choppy or printing choppy?

they look choppy when im working on them in illustrator but when i save them and open the file in preview, they look great…so problem solved. thanks for all your help