Places to visit in Stockholm and Copenhagen?


I’m on holiday in Scandinavia, currently in Norway but will soon be in Stockholm and Copenhagen for 4 days each. Can anyone recommend some design studios, events, museums etc which are worth visiting? Also happy to hear about places to eat or other attractions!


Well I have been to Stockholm nearly 30 years ago as a teenager. We spend a wonderful summer there. What I still remember is the
“millesgarden” : See for yourself: About Millesgården - Millesgården

It is a magical place located on a suburbian island that was kind of a secluded getaway that long time ago. If you have the time go there by train and ride the island with a bike.


I’ve only been to Copenhagen once and it was a blurry 36 hours of fun. Lots of good design shops. I wish uncoils be of help with some specifics. Have you tried the Wallpaper magazine city guides?

Oh cool. I love both. have lived ether near or in both cities for a while.


Awesome for shopping, especially design-y niknak at shops like HAY or NormannCopenhagen.
The Nørrebro neighborhood is probably my favorite to stroll around in. Great bars, cafes and restaurants.

One of my favorite museums is the Louisiana Museum a bit outside the city. Amazing, intimate location with a fantastic permanent collection as well as temporary shows.

Last time I was there a couple months ago, me and my gf went to the amazing restaurant Studio in The Standard.
Absolutely amazing experience (also from a design perspective) but it’s a bit on the pricier side.

I heard Ralae and Amass are also great but I haven’t been to ether one.


A little bit a different vibe. A bit less relaxed than CPH and I feel it’s a little bit more elegant and possibly stuffy.
Still awesome spots to check out.

The old city is definitely worth a stroll as is Östermalm, two more classic hoods.
There are plenty of design shops all over but I think Stockholm is actually great for fashion shopping and home to many really exciting brands.

Don’t know what your style is like but Whyred, ACNE, BLK Denim, Nudie, Filippa K, COS, Hope are all interesting ready-to-wear brands with awesome flagship stores in the city.

Restaurant scene is really vibrant, if a bit pricy, especially when it comes to alcohol.
Here some restaurants I have been to and I would definitely recommend:

Franzen (2 michelin stars) - total blow out but very inspiring.

Matbaren in the Grand Hotel - Really cool bar and slightly more relaxed alternative to the fine dining restaurant in the same Hotel. Great, clever interior design by Ilse Crawford!

Ekstedt - Really great artesian Swedish inspired fare. Great vibe.

Vigårda - amazing “fast food” for a refueling during a day around town. Very well designed experience all around.

Have fun and feel free to ask if you have any specific questions.

I’d throw in Artipelag in Stockholm if you have time to go. It’s a bit outside of the city, but a really nice place to go see. (similar to Louisiana, but smaller)

If you want to have a look at the trendy areas around Stockholm, you can go to Söder and just stroll around. Good restaurants and a lot of small interesting shops with art/design focus.

Thanks mo-i, we will try to get bikes and Millesgarden looks like a nice place to ride around…

Thanks Yo, No I haven’t used the Wallpaper Guides before, are they a design-centric guide? I’m keen to find some gems off the beaten track, might need to tap into some local knowledge…

Thanks Bepster, some great tips there especially for food. It might even appear cheap after 2 weeks in Norway ($15AUD for a beer!) Do you have any recommendations for getting traditional food? Places the locals frequent?

Will definitely try to get up to Louisiana, apparently a new exhibition is about to open there…

Thanks bngi, were staying in Hammerby sjostad which is close-ish to Soder, so we will definitely have a look around there…

Well… I wouldn’t maybe say “cheap” per se but it’s true, Norway is especially bad. :wink:

For original Swedish fare, I’d recommend Pelikan. Make sure you have a “Nubbe” (a shot of Aquavit) with your food.
Also in a pretty cool part of town, Söder (the southside), which Bngi mentioned.

Hej! I just spent 6 months in Billund (middle of Denmark) doing an Internship at LEGO.
Cheap and good in Copenhagen is to catch a canal boat ride in Nyhavn and go out into the harbour, and you can drink on board (if the sun is shining it is glorious).
The Design Museum is pretty good but small- they had a good children’s design exhibition on in June.
I liked the Tivoli but it is expensive, however from the starflyer (swing carousel ride) you can actually see Sweden- one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.
The meat packing district is nice (but expensive) and the food market there is good.
Christiana was pretty ordinary, lots of burnt out hippies and radicals, too many rich tourists on hotel bicycles…