Places to visit in... Japan?

Hi, I’m off traveling in a couple of weeks, starting in Japan. I’ll only be there for two weeks due to budget, but want to see as much as possible. I’ll be spending time in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, but am open to other suggestions, can anybody reccommend anywhere that’s not to be missed, design related or not?

I went to Tokyo for a few days and I would definitely recommend the Tsukiji fish market. Get there really early to witness the auction of incoming fish. I think we got there close to 6AM and missed the whole auction. Still it was a really really stimulating experience.

There is obviously a ton to do over there but this would be my one recommendation. Have fun!

Tokyo’s Akihabara district is great for checking out gadgets.
Also there’s the upscale Ginza district.

I liked the city of Yokohama. I think that’s worth a visit too.

I went to Kamakura to see the big buddha and temples.

There’s a lot to see and do. Also I went to a warm spring and had a hot and relaxing soak!