Places to buy Contemporary Furniture in Bay area


I am looking for suggestions on where I can get contemporary furniture. I hope this forum can provide me some insider scoop on great stores, good deals, sales or any suggestions.


new home owner

Design within Reach. They have a website. If you want something more hands on then visit 9th Street, there are alot of furniture places that will help you build whatever you like.

Also try
Essentially an online store but it is based in SF.

LIMN down on Townsend. Good selection, albeit overpriced.


I checked out some of the urls posted here but I need to mention that my budget is small so I am looking for “Design on a Dime” type solutions

Watch Martha Steward, oh wait she’s in jail. Okay, um furniture isn’t very cheap, and contemporary furniture isn’t cheap at all. You should go basement shopping for restores. Drive around the city on Sturday and Sunday morning looking for corner drop off treasures. Talk with the furniture stores on ninth, They will either help you reupohlster and restore, or they can help you find people who can for cheaper. That’s probably your best bet.


If you’re advertising for Martha Stewart fan you should know that she only does crafts and not furniture!!