places in nyc

im going to nyc this weekend for a few days, does anyone have any ideas on cool places to go ,cool bars, hip design stores, things like that.

you might be aware of this, but if not here

there is a killer Tim Hawkinson show at the Whitney. If you do not know who he is , you should go anyway. He is an engineering master genius.

There is an exhibit called Ashes and Snow that is inside a huge temporary structure built of shipping containers on a pier on the Hudson just off of 13th St. Somehow I missed seeing anything about it and just discovered while riding my bike today.

I don’t know much about the large scale photos on display inside, but the structure looks very interesting.

Shopping: Terrence Conran’s shop


Moss and the Cooper-Hewitt are musts. Also, just wander around Soho for a while to see lots of cool upscale furniture shops and restaurants.