Placement agency for Design Engineers or ID talent?

Just wondering - I know there are placement companies that specialize in technical/engineering industry placement (Aerotek, etc.), but are there any for the ID world? Maybe it’s not financially viable to have such an organization or it simply goes against the creative job seeking culture? Don’t get me wrong, Coroflot is great, but I wonder if there could be an agent of sorts to work on your behalf…are there no “finders fees” that ID companies offer for getting the right talent?


not really, it’s too small of a profession.
there are a couple people who can recruit partners/directors and make a living, but that’s it.

The term most often used for what you are referring to is Headhunter. Also, Placement Service, and Recruiter.

Some reading dredged up from the archives that you may be interested in reading through.

And a few recruiters. (has been in the business for forty+ years)

I have no affiliation with any of the above companies.

This group comes to mind.

The only thing I know about them though is that they advertise their positions on craigslist.

This recruiting group has a posting on coroflot right now.

she left her name to the firm, but Rita Sue is retired.

she’s still listed as president…


I was wondering whether somebody could tell me what the major London-based design recruitment agency is (design in its broadest sense)? Design Week lists forty, I only need one…