Placement Advice... Help!

I need some advice.

I’m currently on a year long placement as part of my product design course. The problem is that the company I’m working for really isn’t what I expected. In fact I am officially a CAD monkey - creativity is not in the job description. What I want to know is what I should be expecting from my placement year? Obviously I know that there will be a fair amount of dogs body work but how much is acceptable and when does it simply become slave labour? And if I’m really not happy should I stick at it or look elsewhere?

I was really looking forward to this year but now I cant wait to get back to university. Anyone else in or been in a similar situation?


I’m sorry, that sucks. talk to your manager/employer and tell him that your happy to do CAD work, but you would really appreciate being a part of all aspects of the design process, and let him/her know that you really look to them as a mentor that is preparing you for your lifes work. If this still doesn’t work, reconsider transfering if you think that will solve the problem. Hope this helps. Also, what school do you go to? just wondering.

Yo…I know what you mean about your placement. Currently Im on mine and it wasnt what I thought but Ive come to realise just how useful it is. I think the thing to do with this is just stick it out. The key reward you get out of your placement is that you will gain experience and an insight into the industry which will help you when it comes to applying for a job you actually want. No matter what you do, companies always value work experience and they understand that as students we wont always be on the front line of designing but we do have an influence, even as under graduates.

Stick with it doode :slight_smile: