What kind of opportunities are out in Pittsburgh? There are a handful of firms on Core’s Design Directory, and CMU’s design program looks pretty cool, but I’m surely overlooking something.

I’d love to here if anybody out there knows of other firms/corporations to check out.

I like it. Great combination of Consulting and corporate opportunities. Low cost of living but many cultural opportunities. Infrastructure sucks, but oh well you can’t have everything :slight_smile:

What type of opportunity are you looking for?

Thanks Timf,
I’m looking for a junior level ID position, I’ve been in corporate Housewares around Chicago for the last 2.5 years. I’d love to try something new though. My lady is attending CMU for grad school this fall so I’m interested to see if there’s any chance I can be there too. I am looking out for opportunities all over the country as well.

Infrastructure sucks? Bad/ no public transport?

Excellent city.

I was a grad of CMU back in '93, and saw the city completely turn over and become a very tech-savy city. It has wonderful character, a blue-color history, but is very progressive.

CMU and Pitt are very savy schools and are very integrated into the pulse of the city.

There are several design consultancies, tech companies and medical device (some biggies) companies in town. I know people at BodyMedia (old school mates) and some other companies in town. Not ID related, but I also know one of the owners of a fantastic branding/identity/graphic/etc. firm called Wall to Wall and they are one of the firms at the heart of the 'burgh.

Liked the place so much, I even married a local.


For those who would like to know what is going on in the Creative Technology sectors in Pittsburgh, check out CREATIVE CLASH! Event, January 201 - YouTube

It is the Pittsburgh’s Technology Council’s - Creative Technology Network new promotional video.

Oh yeah, and we are a sponsor for Roger Martin to come to Pittsburgh - http://www.daed.com/news.tt2?id=54