Pitching a concept to a potential investor

hola all

I have a concept pitch coming up in mid August to some suites from a
medical innovation/manufacturing company. I would like to know if
any experienced peeps have some advise on pitching concepts to these number crunching folk…

  • How long should such a presentation usually be ? (dont want to bore them)
  • What should one include in the pitch apart from the concept itself,
    you know maybe some predicted stats on sales and viability etc ?
  • How should one approach them, light hearted friendly creative, or
    serious bland money monger ?
  • Should one include snazzy animations of your concept doing its tango
    or just stick to numbers and viability, I mean working on the wow factor ?
  • Any other tips ? :slight_smile:


Read “Art of the Start” by Guy Kawasaki. It is a great book and it reads quickly. You should be able to get through it in a couple of days.

It will give you a lot of insight into this. Far better explanation than I could give you.

Here are some tips:

  • Present what you know. Don’t try to tell them what kind of sales you forecast unless you can back it up with facts. Your presentation should emphasize the innovation you are bringing to them. Let them decide what the financials will look like. Otherwise you’ll end up looking silly.

  • Match the professionalism of the organization. If they wear blue jeans everyday then don’t walk in wearing a suit (or visa versa). Do some research.

  • Pitch it in under 15 minutes if it’s non-technical and under 30 minutes if it’s technical. Animations will definitely help. I’ve used that in sales pitches and people love the Star Wars stuff.

  • If you have some cost data then use it. If it’s blue sky concept stuff then don’t guess. You’ll be wrong.

Bottom line: Wow them with your knowledge about your concept and ABC (Always Be Closing). Watch Glengarry Glen Ross.

Good luck.

its about numbers, the more you have…% of market, estimated production cost, dev cost, all that nasty stuff is what investors are intrested in NOT surface treatments or that crud. DO NOT understate the dev costs, they aint no fools if they are dont bother with them.

Great tips! Nice one guys :smiley:
Its covered a few things I was curious about.

So maintain your creative identity and wow them
with a tight concept, graphics…, but ultimately put
the focus on price stats to cement their confidence in
the potential investment.
Money is the only one talking in the end.

Neuro-linguistic programming helps.