Piracy - not just for music anymore

Music. Movies. Cars. What’s the difference? :wink:

dead link. can you repost?

Damn. That died quick. Had to search. Here ya go:


In case that dies as well, go to

http://www.forbes.com and search for an article called “Stolen Cars”.

Well, why not they pirate our movies, music, software, Design Jobs free of charge, I guess this was just the next step.


same goes for furniture, btw.

they will crank out a copy faster than you can say “vitra” or “magis”.

this will persist, as long as copying will be viewed as the highest form of flattery, or until there’s major lawsuits…

yeah this has been going on for a while like with scooters and stuff but entire cars wow that’s news to me.
What’s scary though are the knock off replacement parts for airlines. Especially with the tough times airlines are facing these days the possibility of these sub standard non aircraft grade parts showing up on a plane that you might be on are pretty high.