pink foam, blue foam, yellow foam...

I am trying to find a good source to buy pink/blue/yellow foam. Any ideas?
Can you find it in retail stores/art stores?

I have priced a few online resources for yellow foam, but it seems expensive.

The blue and pink foam is mostly styrofoam (polystyrene) and you can find them at the hardware store as insulation foam. The yellow stuff is probably polyurethane foam and it comes in different weights/densities you can find it at an industrial supply stores. What size do you need? What are you using the foam for? Maybe we can give you some suggestions.

Yup, good question to ask… what do you need it for specifically? Pink foams are the worst to work with. If you’re gonna be doing some foam mock-ups …use “yellow” foams because they’re a lot easier to work with. I would contact your local model shops and usually they have lots of scraps that they just give away. I would never, ever recommend using pink or blue foams for even quick foam mock-ups.

The size of the models range from hand held devices to large objects about the size of a desktop PC. I have used the pink stuff from the hardware store for the large objects, and it worked out decent, but it sucks for the small stuff.

I was looking into the model shops, but haven’t found any yet, do you guys know any in the maryland area?

Check out the House of Foam I don’t know if its still there but it use to be in Federal Hill, they might have what you need. I personally do not like using foam except if you have to make a quick mock-up or something very large. I would much prefer some Renshape or MDF. Did you look at places like Freemans Also if you want to get some ABS or something look at Total Plastic out on Pulaski Highway.
Good Luck!