Pininfarina Nido

Just a real nice little concept car.

It looks nice, a few things bug me in the photos that might look better in person. Chief among them is the contrast between the windshield and the front of the hood. If you saw it in side profile, the windshield I think would be very arched, while the downward sloped surface of the hood that leads to the air intake gets very flat. The second thing is the triangular shape below the door, I feel the position of the peak of the triangle might make the side look a little broken, and if it were pushed back a bit, it might look a a little speedier. Lastly, the back end is a composition of rectilinear forms for the most part, but the rest of the car doesn’t have that… BUT, all these things might not be issues when seen in person! That has happened to me countless times.

I do however really like that VW up concept and wish they would make that:

VW Up.jpg

these are …few good small car designs…which suggests that they don’t require the all the elements( functional/aesthetical) from big cars…
very clean work…I love the smart divisions on Nido…

This new small honda EVN, nice little electric car. Simple yet so attractive. Interior not that cool.


I friggin love the EVN, bu I hear it is not slated for production? Shame, I love the quirky retro futuristic cuteness of it. Even the tiny rims somehow work on it, and the detailing is great. I like cars that don;t try to look “fast”.

I did not knew tht they will not manufacture EVN, yes it is shame. Honda need to rethink this.

EVN = “retro” Honda N360 … not a bad thing. I’m liking the back to minimal thing. Wondering whey they didn’t go with the “flying mirrors” out on the fenders (although I never have been able to understand the advantage of having the mirror out of reach).
Honda N360.jpg

I thought the goal of the flying mirrors was to reduce the blind spot? Either that, or just put the mirrors closer to driver’s line of sight. Either way, they would make a lot more sense today than 1960. Power mirrors are standard on almost everything.

sorry for the topic drift… but I didn’t start it! My first car was an old Honda AN600, I modded it (this is pre rice-rocket era) by removing all the badges, trim and bumpers. I added small push bars and an air dam and dropped it about 2 inches. It looked pretty cool and cornered like a gocart, it also probably got better mileage than the electric version! I averaged 50MPG from the massively underpowered air cooled 2cyl engine. Good times!