Pininfarina Nido

I saw this in ID magazine at school, thought it was cool both from styling POV, and from engineering POV (passenger sled[seats and dash] separate from cage big orange block is a crush dampener that allows passengers to decelerate at a lower rate than frame of car).
What you guys think about this car, and/or the mini car trend in general?

Sorry about the picture size, didn’t realize they were so big,

aside from the cheeze PDA on the center stack I love this thing.

The exterior doesn’t really suit my tastes that much, but I see no problems that I would call out.

I really like the interior though, except for the pda that yo also points out. The steering wheel is really sweet.

this was my favorite from last year. The surfaces are really well developed and subtle. It was a pretty cool synthesis of engineering and design.
The interior does not have the same kind of sophistication of the exterior. I would love to see some clays of this beaut.

I found the styling a benchmark for small cars. I like it over ‘Smart fortwo’. the interior is quite simple yet sophisticated. Interior color scheme is awsome, though unpredictable with exterior.


This is an interesting idea, crash safety wise. But I’m not sure if it’s practical. Do you know if a prototype has been crash tested?

Avoiding contact with intruding vehicle structures is a must during an impact. I think the ‘passenger sled’ moving forward during a frontal impact may not be the best idea given the current performance level of restraint systems. However, I’d be curious to see some test results.