Pininfarina Extra

Applied to Pininfarina Extra’s intern position 3 weeks ago.
Even though I’m 2 years pro I thought this was worth it since I’m not learning in my current position anymore.
But based on my site analytics they haven’t even looked at my site.
Wondering why a hiring company wouldn’t look at portfolio sites sent to them, or is there something I can do?

How did you have to apply? Was it through a site or did you have to email resume and portfolio/link?

They wanted emails so I just emailed them a brief introduction, why I am interested in Pininfarina Extra, and my website link for portfolio and resume.

Maybe it was because I mentioned I’m currently a professional but they’re looking for an intern currently in school?
I tried to say address this by saying “If Pininfarina needs any young desigers to add to their ID team, please take a look at my website, etc…”

Maybe it get buried in their inbox, I would try a check-in.

It is possible they are collecting all the portfolios for the hiring manager to review at one time, or it is possible that whatever you said in the email didn’t hit the right recruiting hot buttons. Did they ask for a pdf or did they say links were fine?

I will try that thanks!

Here is what they say on their site:

"We are currently seeking an intern for our office in Miami (USA). Creative, passionate, energetic and aim to work in a collaborative environment. This position requires excellent sketching, rendering and communication skills. Candidates should be highly motivated, disruptive, out of the box thinking, as well as sensitive to Pininfarina’s design language and DNA.


Currently enrolled in an Industrial Design Program
Unique ideation, concept development and experimentation
Remarkable capabilities in sketching and renderings
Proficiency in 3D Software (Rhino) and rendering tools (V-ray, Keyshot and Adobe suite)
Passionate about design and how it strategically impacts on user’s experience
Fluent in English. Spanish and Italian is a plus

E-mail address for applications:"

So no specifications on PDF vs link that I can tell.

yeah - the not a student - may have directly gotten your resume excluded. Some inter programs can be subsidized by the government through tax breaks, but a mandate is that they are required to be enrolled in school (work load vary;s) at the time of application.

Often times these emails go directly to HR, who ultimately don’t care at all about your portfolio. They are looking for keywords, and as mentioned often times for interns they will look to see if you are a student in a 4 year program and where in the program you are.

The main reason for this is (and I do the same when hiring interns) is I want to contribute to a students growth, and I also don’t want hard feelings in 3-4 months when they have to go back to school. Having time remaining on their academic term makes this fairly easy.

When I get intern applications from someone who is 4 years out of school I may still look at their portfolio, but I view it with the standards I would expect from a new grad, not from a Sophomore or Jr. design student. Even then, if they have a good portfolio I will still defer them behind current students. (Personally I would rather every student gets a chance to do 1 internship than favoring students who do 3 or 4).

Yeah, I think you guys are right. Tried checking in with no luck. That’s too bad but, I will keep searching!

Good news! I heard back from them and will be interviewing next week, fingers crossed!

Lesson learned patience, patience…

Awesome, good luck!

Update, I got the job offer! And they’ve even adjusted the position from intern to junior ID!! All the hard work is worth it recent grads, just have to be patient.


Wow that’s fabulous, congrats!