Pina Zangaro - Machina Portfolios

I’m thinking about purchasing one of these machina portfolios. Do any of you have any positive or negative feedback from using one of these portfolio covers.

The screwpost: (uses polypropylene sheet protectors)

The multi-ring: (uses polyester sheet protectors)

The screwpost style dosen’t allow the sheets protectors to lie perfectly flat like the multi-ring style. But the screwpost style can take on 40 sheets versus the multi-ring style that only takes on 30 sheets. The screwpost style can also allow the user to take sheets out, which will in turn make the book thinner because it doesn’t have a built in binding like the multi-ring style does.

If the pages don’t lie perfectly flat will the sheet protectors throw off a glare?

I have an 11*17 screwpost machina, it looks very nice. The screwpost system is not particularly practical, especially if you want to add or remove a sheet, but it does look very tidy once everything is put together. The aluminium is very clean and professional-looking and the carrying case is quite nice as well. I really do recommend this portfolio, my only complaint has to do with the sheet protectors. They tend to have a bit of glare and desaturate your images just a tad. It’s not very noticeable, but if you’re using good paper it’s a bummer to have the effect ruined by the plastic. The alternative is hinge strips (such as these) but the paper is not protected and will eventually get dirty/bent/scratched.


I wonder if the multi-ring style portfolio will be better than because it uses polyester sheet protectors instead of the polypropylene sheet protectors that the screwpost style portfolios use.

Does anyone know what material would be better for presentations, meaning not throw off as much glare to the viewer?

I can’t say, haven’t actually seen the multi-ring version. I should add that with the screwpost system, as long as you slide in your prints on the recto alone, the pages lay flat. I.e. the bend only appears when the page is folded over the hinge.


I know exactly what you’re saying about the bend or roll in the sheet protector near the binding edge on the screwpost style. They have the screwpost style at a local art supply store, but all the pages have a plastic shrink wrapping around them, making them as one fused page. I didn’t want to tear off the shrink wrap in the store and cause a fuss with the buzzard sales assistants that are egging me on to buy something. I swear every time I pick up something any more a store employee is right behind me like the butler from Mr. Deeds. Instead of saying, “I’m very, very sneaky” they say, “You should buy that I’ve got one, you’d love it!” or “I’m planning on buying one of those when I get some extra money.” None of these sales assistants knows their product anymore. I knew more about the car I was buying by doing research on the Internet than the yahoo at the dealership. He said, “Damn you know more about these cars than I do! Do you want a job here, you could make some serious money off some poor saps!”