pin up / tack board solutions

I’m setting up a new office space and have a 5’ x 8’ space I’d like to fill with pin up surface. What solutions have you used or seen that go beyond or are less expensive than a framed cork board?

Thanks much!


Magnetic paint.

ceiling tiles.

This sounds almost cliché but I like the Umbra Bulletboard, it takes both pins and magnets, I just wish they came in bigger sizes. Or you could always make your own.

Tac panels from Robin Reigi. Polystyrene foam panels, @ $40 per 2’ x 4’ sheet. Look great, great sound insulation and great for tacking.


Make your own with some natural tiles. You can get some with amazing grain/ color far better than the consistent recycled cork board crap. Probably will work out cheaper and look 100x better. I was planning to do this to a whole wall someday as I love the look.

Start here

I’ve seen some nice ones that look like burl walnut.


I really dig the look of natural cork. We have a small studio at work and we have lined a large wall with cork. Looks great and is really effective. I agree with R though, you need to get quality cork.