Pigeon Hold by location?

I am an IDer in Florida looking to move on to new employment in another area/region all together. There just aren’t a lot of employment options here and the place is socially hip for those over 65 only.

In preliminary talks with possible employers elsewhere they seem to treat me in a derrogotive/negative way once they find out I’m living/working in Florida… or maybe I’m reading into all this too much??

Question - are certain regions percieved negatively?? If so, for what reasons??

Hmm. If you state in your cover letters that you are willing and mos-def wanting to relocate than I can’t imagine why your present location would even matter. Of course they don’t want to pay to relocate people… so you may have to volunteer to relocate yourself financially.

I wouldn’t think of it as a snub. I know a lot of places are tightening the wallets and don’t even want to fly people in a put them up for the night and pay for all the other expenses. I would apply everywhere i could but you will most likely get calls from places that are closer to you.

Many times when I look in cities I can drive to, I’ll put dates I’ll be in town in my cover letter, and if I get any response I’ll follow through with the trip. I’m not familiar with the south, but I’ve heard there’s lots of mountain people and kissing cousins. :laughing:

Florida is not known for Manufacturing and all the support jobs that comes with it, the real estate values killed that a long time ago. The location doesn’t help either, geographically that is. We are pretty much isolated down here. Cost per square foot of rental properties/real estate will further hurt any future growth in manufacturing. Companies just can’t compete on the global marketplace when they are already losing $ in high Healthcare costs on top of high rent.

Civil Engineering jobs here are plentiful, some Mech. Engineering jobs but the fields are very specialized, primarily Aerospace. Companies are having a hard time getting people to move here once they find out the average price of a home :open_mouth:

Sometimes you have to go where the money is and the jobs are, but it’s never easy, especially if you move up north and tell people you lived in Florida, they will say “Why did you move here?”. Thinking your nuts in the process.

I rarely see ID related jobs listed, maybe once in a blue moon. You will find out that’s easier to leave here then it is to come back too. Especially if your in a very specialized field like ID.