Pierre Duthoit

Hi everybody

I’m a fresh french product designer student. I’ve just finished my portfolio so I would like to know what you think about it.



I enjoyed your work. I thought that your site was intriguing. There were several elements that seemed to bother me however.

On the main page before you actually enter your site I expected to see a “enter” button. Typically this is located near your link to download the latest flash viewer. I searched and quickly figured out that it was your name that provided the link. I generally don’t mind searching too much for links, but later in your portfolio I found this to be very frustrating. I entered into each project and immediately assumed that there was only one image per project. Later I noticed that there were back and next links located in a general locations on the page. It made me very uneasy constantly watching these little link identifications poping up. I would suggest you make buttons for these actions. Also the next and back links and generally how each project was organized seemed to remind me of a powerpoint presentation. This can be okay, but he result was that I felt it cheapened the entire site.

One other detail that left me a little uneasy and somewhat motion sick, was the speed at which the images changed on the main page once your enter your site. They were changing very rapidly. I would probably slow this down to about half the speed that it is now.

If you were able to address these two concerns I think it would make a dramatic change to the feel of your site. Other than that, I would pay close attention to the image quality. Some of the jpegs looked like they were saved at a low quality, and a screenshot from E-Drawings is never a good idea. Also take a good look at your spelling. I know that you are French, so spelling errors can be overlooked, but one misspelled word can leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth.

Good work, keep it up.

agree on the enter button thing. I didn’t mind the speed, but could see it slowing down a notch.

Thanks Architorture for your very precise feed back It will help me a lot to improve it!

Thanks too about my works

Ok so I have to work a little! :smiley:

I’ve made some modification thanks to your feed-back

like the enter bottom, and the speed of the start animation.


The enter makes it much nicer, and arch is right, the slower cross fade is nicer. I think it might be nice to add a forward and backward arrow within the projects to visually communicate there is more. I found it out anyway, but it feels odd to just click over one side of the image or another. Maybe I’m just old fashioned?

My website got new colors, new identity, new projects…

Check it out! :wink:

Nice work Pierre, and nice website, very smooth etc.

Only thing I’d like to see is some actualy design work rather than just the finished products - sketches/modelmaking/concept renderings - basically something to further compliment the clean designs.

Impressive resume as well by the way, how was your time at Gro?

Thanks Georgeous!

My time at Gro was simply stunning, a great team where you don’t feel yourself like an intern. About the work and the atmosphere it’s simply Gorgeous :wink: