Pictures: visit to Academy of Art University.

Just got back from a week in the Sonoma Valley. We spent a few days in San Fran on the backside and I dropped into Academy of Art University to speak with Mr Hideki Masuda, the assistant director of the School of Industrial Design there. The school was founded in 1929 by the original editor of Sunset Magazine. The University is still privately held and is run by the third generation of that family. The family has a passion for industrial design, and cars in particular as can be seen from their huge car collection housed on the first floor of the ID building which is in the Polk district, north of downtown.



Hey yo, I was actually considering this school as my # 1 choice… do you think it’s good? What do you think about their online programs too?

I would not bother with online programs. In spite of the fact that their is open enrollment (o folio required) it seems like the program is pretty rigorous and the weed people out fast by the nature of it being a difficult program. You go straight into ID with no foundation year which is both good and bad in my opinion, and you get to be in San Fran which is great, a lot of intern possibilities in the area if you network right. They seem a little focused on transportation, but the product stuff was pretty nice too.