Pictorial Characters in Ai are enabled?

In Adobe Illustrator (cs3) I can no longer use key board commands. When I do I get a small black box that has a field for entry. When you hit any key a small floating field pop’s up under the black one and displays a pictorial character. I think I miss typed some other command and activated the hell that I am in with this. I am using an Asus laptop running windows vista 32-bit. :cry:


So nobody has ever had this problem? Or knows how to reset it? I might re-format, but if there is hope please let me know!

Sorry, can’t help. I’ve used ai for many years and have never heard of that one (but I have seen a whole lot of other glitches). Maybe it’s something to do with vista, that’s the only part of the equation I have no experience in.
The closest thing to that to happen to me was on my old mac 8.0, I would accidentally hit a key command that took me into the programmers prompt box on top of whatever I was doing at the time and I could never remember how to get it off. Is it possible vista has something like that?

This may be naive on my part. Can you do a Systems Restore to get back to the settings you had yesterday?