Pics of "fast, loose yet tight" working drawings?

Howdy. I’m trying to sharpen my quick rendering/sketching skills and would like to see some examples/styles of this.

I’m looking for something with detail between Frank Gehry’s crazy scribble drawings and the more finished/polished colored images one might find in a portfolio…

think of drawings you might use when brainstorming multiple ideas/variations, but in a drawing style or level of detail that others can easily understand!

any ideas?

chew on these for awhile!

this is new? seen lots of techniques for this. full marker rendering is slow. i go with 10-20% grey marker first. on 360. sometimes reg paper for variation. rough it in. then go with ballpoint. loose. a little more marker in shadow areas. it’ll smear a little. turn bluish. then go with pen again using templates. sometimes i use a blue Verithin. might punch lines with a little orange Prismacolor. sometimes outline in Sharpie.

figure i should link to couple images. ideation sketches

each page took 15-20 minutes roughly. btw handle and latches were existing parts. no design there.

rembrandt 's pen & ink sketches are pretty good.

I don’t know if any of them in my portfolio is what you are looking for.

molested cow- I like the style of your drawings…very simple (also like the century gothic you use… one of my favorites…)

thanks for the other links, too, btw… good tutorials

Dude, you need to cough up the $50 it takes to get yourself a real hosting provider–those pop-ups and pop-unders are really pissing me off–is that the message you want to send people who are looking at your portfolio!!!

That’s what I intend to put on paper! I put it up so that I can ask for advices from people more conveniently. It’s not permenant and I still have things that I want to change.

I will send physical copies of my portfolio to companies. It’s more formal this way.

I remember not too long ago, molested_cow (really?) had a much better site, the same, but without all that crap and the images were better rez too, am I remembering wrong?

I had them on geocities for a while but their bandwidth is too limited. The size should be the same though.

time to turn on the pop up blocker