Pics inside Nike fty

From the Core77 front page, pics inside a Nike Fty.

Great photos and props to whoever took them!


PS. Yo, do you know this fty? By the looks of it they are doing everything in house from outsole RB molding to upper stitch/last/etc. Is this normal at Nike fty? I have never seen RB molding at the same place as finished goods production, even in other large fty? Or is it perhaps two different ftys, just not identified in the pics? Just curious.

i’m familiar with Pegasus and i believe they are one of the few factories that has everything in house from mold shop to embroidery…

Pegasus is huge. 14 buildings, 15,000 full time workers with another 10K on PT status. They have everything except vulcanization capabilities at that site in Pan Yu.

Its pretty typical of a Nike fty.

Great pics! Thanks for sharing!