Pics from a recent Hong Kong Trip

If anyone is interested…here are some trend shopping pics from HK last week and some shots of a factory


Good stuff man, thanks for posting. I’ve been really impressed with some of the new stuff coming from Fila, esp the women’s product. It caught me off guard when I popped into their Vegas store a few months back…

Hi Drdoodoo/yo

I’m in Dongguann at the mo - you know anywhere here worth a look shopping wise - ropey tracksuits etc…

also, wher did you find those wrong NBs? is there a particular shopping centre / market I should check out in HK?


Fu Market in Zhongshan…outside by the fried pigeon heads

more homg kong pics


Next time you are in Hong Kong and want to see the kind of shoes that the locals buy, head up to the markets in Sham Shui Po.


What stores are there? I was looking for the real sneakerhead stores…fa yuen was still very commerical


In Sham Shui Po it is “walk and look around”. The Clothing and shoes are found in the frirst one or two blocks around the MTR station. These will be both permanent and moveable stalls. Sham shui Po is more of a weekend market and during the day. After that you can head back to MongKok and visit the Ladies Market. this is wall to wall stalls on a closed street. This is where you will find the “not ready for export” shoes.

thanks for sharing the pics!

in mongkok right now, the ladies market is swag, just grimey bootleg watches etc.
looking for the good sneaker spots, trying to cop some madfoot…
will do some serious net recon next time, sneaker forums etc and post the spots up here. getting sick of seeing the same dunk knockoffs and lame adidas colourways…