Pickens Plan

Pickens Plan. By now you’ve probably seen the Ad on television. If you haven’t, see it here:


Like our current candidates for President, T. Boone Pickens, a life-long oilman, recognizes the deperate need for the US to wean itself from foreign oil. The difference is, Mr. Pickens has a plan; he proposes to advance wind power generation in the United States … NOW!

The Details

Put politics aside. Republican, Democrat, Green, Libertarian, Independent … it won’t make much difference when we’re paying $6.00 a gallon and standing in line to buy groceries. We are Designers. Designers solve problems. And this is a problem, a big one.



185 days 21 hours 24 minutes XX seconds (CST) until this starts!

I think that most people want to get involved and want to be part of the solution but are not really sure how. At this point no one can answer that definitively and most people who say they can want to sell you the solution. Although I know I could have a real impact by moving to within walking distance of work and avoiding all air travel it is unlikely I ill do that.

One thing that seems clear is that all recreational fuel consumption, NASCAR and the like should be the first thing to go.

the problem is Americans have no ability to learn from history, if demand for oil drops, so will gas prices.
2 bucks a gallon will put all those SUV’s back on the road again…and the cycle repeats.

yeah damn us, all the light beer swizzling must be the cause. Or maybe cheeseburgers and fried food corrodes our brains. Whaaaa America ruined the world, I’m so trendy because I hate America right now.

there are no innocents on this planet.