pick me a winner!

pick me a winner!

  • a: red background white horizontal stripes
  • b: green background white Horizontal stripes
  • 3: red background w/o white Hori. stripes
  • d: green back w/0 white hori stripes

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pick your favorite of the four images, they would be wrapped around a small can and contain a cloth diaper. Ill even post the diaper so you can give me feed back on that too


First of all, I would imagine staying away from red is probably a good idea because it might subconsciously say “blood.” Blood + diapers is bad :slight_smile: . Secondly, I think the white stripes kind of slow it down. The spaced black stripes are almost like a speed blur in a comic.

thanks for your comments, I hadn’t thought about the red but yes I could see it now. The look I was going for would be vintage oil cans. going along with the racing theme.

whats the diaper for, whiping down your aston martin or covering your kiddlets shit excreating bottom :laughing: (sorry bud couldnt resist). If the former, red is fine, if latter green is prefered (its a green product lol) oh btw does the packaging double as a “containment” for the used article or are they just flipped out the window…at 120kph of course.

Sorry, like any patriotic american I have no idea what a kph is, english units please.

As for the packaging, the boss has decided it would be more of a gift wrap type thing, and while you have me on the what to do with the package afterwards, do know that she is re-using formula cans.

it is made from microfiber among other things, so what you do with it is up to you. The more you purchase the closer Ill be to the aston martin

120 kph about 75 ish mph, and that disposal issue is a stinky one.