Phylon, what is it?

I am having an IM conversation with a developer in China right now, and I am somewhat confused.
Years ago, I was taught that Phylon is a blend of EVA and rubber, but he is telling me that phylon is simply injected EVA.
Anybody here know the truth about Phylon?

Far as I know it’s just injected Eva.


Injection EVA. Adiprene is another example.

Now I know.
Thanks guys.

Hi Robin, I am looking for a reliable manufacturer that works with eva. Would you recommend yours and if so what is their contact info?

Actually no, I would not recommend this manufacturer.
We are currently looking elsewhere.
If you find a reliable one, please let me know.

Are they Chinese?

I found this one:

But I only sent them my design yesterday so I have idea if they are good.