PHP error

Weird error when posting to the design events forum. I formatted the post in Notepad2 which strips out all extra data & just leaves the text & the same error message came up for both preview & submit.

Error Message -

Method Not Implemented

POST to /posting.php not supported.

What is even more odd… is that I can post in this forum & not in the other forum.



I would post the file, but I guess .txt is not allowed as a attachment.

Basically this is a cut & paste error.

How many lines are you trying to paste?

Hi Will,

I was only trying to paste 54 lines of plain text. I usually just use Notepad2 as a plain text editor because that is what I use to write clean code without the extra data other word processors will insert that can make your code corrupt.

I am a big cut & paste person because I like to think about an answer for a bit, so I will write out my thoughts, edit them, add markup and then post. I don’t post much because usually by the time I am satisfied with an answer… someone beat me to it & I don’t want to be redundant. I know as a manufacturer my welcome is as good as my info and actual contributions to the community vs my posting to post and being annoying to the members.

I went back and typed out what I had to say & had no problems. So, that is why I reposted that it was a “cut and paste” error. I didn’t want the admin’s to drive themselves crazy chasing an isolated issue when I am sure they have bigger fires to take care of on this board.

Take care & thanks for looking into this! :smiley: