Photoworks in Solidworks.......

Coming from an Industrial design background, I recently learnt Solidworks as an engineering tool, I was very disappointed with the rendering options- photoworks…

Surely there is a better option for rendering solidworks models…I heard a romour Rhino style rendering can be applied when exported as an STL file, can any help with this… programme names etc… thanks!

I guess it really just depends on what you are looking for. IMO Alias is still #1 as an ID package for renderings. But you can pull out some really good results with Photoworks. Check out these sites for some examples.

I’d suggest Alias Image Studio, as it can import STEP files from solidworks, and you can learn it in a day.

whats ImageStudio costing now?

IS now costs USD1,499.00.

If you are looking for Flamingo style rendering Photoworks will deliver. Admittedly it is not on the same level as Brazil or final render, but they are working on it.

Whatever you do dont use the stock setups. it is an engineers idea about how rendering works and sucks sucks sucks. Try the Studio option in photoworks menu- the dark room can give passable quick results