photoworks help!

Hi all!

I am having some rendering problems with this crappy photoworks (can’t use anything else… :frowning: ) Does anybody know of a good “advanced technique rendering” tutorial for photoworks 2?

Or maybe you can help me out.
I need to make this look a bit more realistic, but, as soon as I render the top glass with the rest of the product, problems start…I’d be better off with no glass at all, but I am trying to get a decent rendering with all the parts in it…
any idea anyone?
Please refer to images on the link bellow

perhaps having an environment that reflects off the glass would make it more realistic…either a modelled environment, or an image?

Render with no glass and ad some reflections and highlights with photoshop? Might be quicker than trying to get photoworks to render properly.

OK, you’ve probably already done this but…have you tried turning down the raytracing values? I’m wondering if the excess opacity comes from too many internal reflections and refractions.

I have had success rendering glass with internal illumination using Photoworks, but it’s involved a lot of fiddling with the Illumination values on the glass material and the placement and intensity of any external lighting. Photoworks tends to make glass opaque pretty quickly when there’s a strong lightsource shining down on it and a high Reflectance value. Not sure where your external light is coming from, but might help to make the angle a little more oblique.

Hope that helps.[/url]

Glass is definately one of the hardest materils to get “right”. Photoworks can do it with a little finess. Check these web sites below for a start.

That last site has a few new models that you can DL for free. Grab the “Glass Things” and take a look at his settings for the glass material. Granted that is only half the battle. The room that you place the models in can be just as important. Like Hitch said, using Indirect Illumination is helpful, BUT do NOT take it above 3 notches. (time to quality ratio is not worth it)

Within the scenery tab make sure that you adjust the shodows for transparency or opaque.

For lights, only brightness affects lighting. Forget Ambient and Specularity.

For the actual room use the spehere environment (easier to adjust 2 walls rather than 6) and create your own floor, unless you really need perspective.

Hope this helps