photoworks 2 help, please!

Hi all, I have just gotten photoworks2 solidworks 2004 running, and I’m having a rendering issue I can’t resolve. Whenever I assign a material to my part, and then do a screen render, the object comes out black, like a silhouette. My scene backgrounds always come out fine, but the object is like it has been cut out and leaves its shadow. I have messed with all the settings (such as lighting and materials propoerties) and I can’t seem to fix this problem. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?
One last thing…if I open a new part and render without assigning a texture, the object WILL render in grey. This problem only occurs when I try to change the material. Any help will be most appreciated!

is it because you are using an unlicenced version of photoworks?
I’ve heard of versions where the material library was missing (illegal versions ofcourse)

is the part glass, or a transparent material? - if so the refraction levels maybe to high

Had this issue at work with a legal issue of SWX. We re-installed Solidworks andd that seemed to resolve the issue. As a work around you can render using Solidworks properties instead of Photoworks materials.


Are you applying the materials through Photoworks or individually with the material selector?

I’ve had some trouble where I apply a material to the part and it will not render with those atributes. Buuuut, when I use just the Photoworks editor to choose the selected material…it will then show up in the rendering.