photoview 360

Does anyone know how to save a “shader” or “material” in Photoview 360?


That is not possible currently-it’s a simple renderer. If you want custom you’ll need a better rendering program.

If you use SW 2011 then Phot0view has been integrated and you are allowed to save shaders.

Chevis W.

We have yet to get onto SW 2011. Thanks Chevis!

If you use SW and render allot I would strongly suggest looking into Modo, by luxologhy. I would be happy to do a test render project to show you the potential.

contact me at and we can talk further if you like.

Chevis W.

We do allot of SW and renderings. I will look into Modo. We have just began to look into new rendering software.

BTW i am Dan L. at Fiskars and thanks!!!

Very soon, as in a couple of weeks Luxology will be relasing the modo for SolidWorks kit which will make working with your SW models inside of modo much easier. Find out more about it here

thanks robrodriguez!

I think that’s the nice way of saying it! :slight_smile:

To me it feels more like they went back to PhotoWorks, but the internal renderer is modo’s now. It certainly doesn’t feel like Photoview nomore, and I wish they’d had gone more in the direction of Shot or Showcase.