PhotoView 360 vs Hypershot

I’ve been reading up on the new rendering addition to Solidworks 2009, PhotoView 360. From the reviews I read, it looks to be knocking on the door of Bunkspeed’s Hypershot.

I have not used either. There are differences between the two, I’m sure. I am curious if anyone has used both and what they thought. PhotoView 360 could, if developed further, rival Hypershot just from what I read about it. PhotoView 360 appears to have similarly ease of set-up, and takes advantage of multi core processors for fast rendering times.

The target user is a SoidWorks user of course who benefits from the integration. I am not a SW user yet. I am learning it now as an added tool in my CAD toolbox.

A blogger’s first look at PhotoView 360: First Look: PhotoView 360 | Ricky Jordan's Blog

While it might be a good catchup game, it still looks like something behind the curve.

My biggest issue with a lot of these tools is they have very mediocre texturing controls. I just started working with Autodesk Showcase…it’s primarily GPU based although the most recent edition is supposed to support real time raytracing as well. The UI seems pretty good and running on a machine with a decent Quadro card the performance was very good even with some high fidelity models. Ambient occlusion passes take a bit more time, but I was pretty impressed. The controls for applying textures and decals were much better then what I’ve seen with hypershot, but still not quite as robust as hardware shade mode in Aliasstudio.

I suppose all of these tools really depend on what youre using them for (IE internal reviews, print renderings, etc). But for rapid visualization I’m pretty impressed by showcase.

If you are not a Solidworks user then Hypershot is what you want. Even if you were a Solidworks user, and had the basic package I would get Hypershot if rendering is the deciding factor. Solidworks has Professional and Premium versions that have features like analysis and data management. If you purchase these upgrades for other reasons then Photoview might be for you. I use the Professional version of Solidworks, and Photoview comes bundled. I just used it for a series of fast renderings with great results. I like the company (Luxology) that programmed it, and 360 is fast, but is still not featured enough to warrant a stand-alone purchase. PW360 is still in beta. I am not sure how much work is being done on it as I have not seen any updates lately.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

I’ve been dabbling with SW tutorials for the past year and finally had a chance to start to delve into a test drive recently and I am feeling it works the way I like to work, that is by numerically based input. Similar to what I use now.

If I decide to go for SW 2009, I never expected PhotoView 360 to be the workhorse renderer. I’m actually interested in learning PhotoWorks too as I’ve seen some very nice renders by it. I like the idea of PhotoView 360 and will want to try it and keep an eye on it. And yes, Hypershot has been doing some extremely nice renderings. So some hefty investments are in store for my studio!

I suspect PhotoView 360 could have an agenda to address the Hypershot market and users.

I am pretty sure that Photoview would become your workhorse- guarantee it if you are a new user to 2009. I dont use Photoworks anymore except to assign materials for Photoview.

Thanks MasterBlaster!

I wasn’t totally clear from your earlier post that you were that into PhotoView. That’s cool. I’m learning on a copy of 2007, so I’ll be sure to give it a serious look when I upgrade to 2009.

I was just about to get Hypershot for the office but Photoview 360 came bundled with the SW09. It does a good job and is EASY to use, but it could certainly use some added features, such as saving custom materials. Take the brief survey and give them some feedback, it seems like they will be upgrading it in the next version. They also might embed it directly in SW.

PhotoView 360 (regarding it’s potential to be great) =

Well, now that it looks like Hypershot is sidelined a bit because Luxion has taken the license back from Bunkspeed, what will be it’s fate! Luxion says they will revamp and release Hypershot 2.

Bunkspeed is saying they will be releasing their new version and technology for rendering.

Perhaps this gives Photoview 360 an opportunity to slip in while these two work out their issues.

Nope. Photoview still sucks in the 2010 release.

Haha I love how this post is exactly 1 year from the last one.

After working with Showcase for a year since then I have to say I love it. My productivity has skyrocketed and with some learning under the belt I’m getting renderings that are better quality than our high priced ad agencies using the big rendering packages in even less time.

And as a design review tool, it is truly fantastic. I can create so many design iterations and roll it into an easy to navigate UI. Now when people say “I wonder what that would look like” I’m two clicks away and it’s rendered in real time.

I would definately suggest giving it a look now that Hypershot is temporarily unavailable and since Autodesk has dropped the price.

Thanks for the feedback on Showcase Cyberdemon. I checked it out again. I did last year too. Looks like the full version with support is $1,200.00.

As far as Photoview 360 goes, I haven’t tried the 2010 version yet. I have tried the 2009 version and it’s not bad. Though it lacks some control I’m used to using on Hypershot to customize the materials. But the results are very good for the tests I tried. Sucks is not a good word to describe it. I’m sure 2010 is vastly improved.

I’ll probably keep using Hypershot for now. I’ll experiment more with Photoview 360 2010 and look at Showcase and Modo. Modo is what Photoview is based on and it works on both Mac and PC. Which is a nice option, though not essential.

So, the bottom line at the moment is that Showcase is the “it” software?

Currently we have Maxwell Render (v1, will probably upgrade to v2 soon) and PhotoView 360, though we didn’t buy SW premium just for PhotoView 360. I agree that would be a waste of money. PhotoView 360 generates decent quality images (generally better than what I’ve seen from PhotoWorks, unless a huge effort was put into the render) and is pretty quick and easy to use, so we use that for quick renders, mid-project kind of stuff. It’s also helpful that it saves all the render data into the SW file and will update as you change the model (we mostly use SW). But I wouldn’t use it as your sole rendering program, not if you want to generate really nice final images. The quality doesn’t quite get to that of the top rendering programs, partially due to the lack of deep controls. You basically open the file, choose a scene, and choose materials. Then either its nice or not, but there’s not much more you can do. And like Nurb, I agree that it hasn’t gotten much better with the 2010 release. I was disappointed, expecting it to get much deeper and more powerful, especially since I heard PhotoWorks won’t be around forever, and will be replaced totally by PhotoView.

I love the quality of Maxwell, and it integrates into SW really well (there are plugins for a ton of other programs as well). It’s not generally quick and easy, however, which is why PhotoView has a place for us. If I used it more I could see myself getting into a rhythm and speeding up, though. Maxwell V2 is supposed to render a lot faster too, so I am hopeful for that.

I’m checking out Showcase as an alternative to upgrading Maxwell. Does it integrate well with non-autodesk products? Or does it only import STEP or other dumb files, requiring fully reassigning everything with every model change?

This is interesting, I’ve heard of others speak of Maxwell. I think I’ve seen some really nice renders from it.

Showcase seems like it works similarly to Hypershot. Giving you real time images as you work with it?

I thought that the poll done last year about the top 3D CAD software used for ID was SolidWorks and Hypershot. Not that that is any measure of what makes sense for each of us for our work, but the forums here indicate people are using others programs.

I know Alias is still strong amongst us. So Showcase makes sense. Hypershot has been slowly and quietly making a name for itself in the last couple of years and in my work with my clients and other Indie designers I know, Hypershot has been a big hit. Fast and very good results.

I’m a SolidWorks user now, and I think the integration of Photoview 360 is very nice, being able to update the model and the render file will update too. That is very handy! But I can see what others are saying about it having tried it myself.

Theres no “It” since everything comes down to preference, workflow, results needed, etc. Many people view Showcase’s GPU (graphics card powered) mode as a downside, since most people are running their software on non-workstation hardware and while Showcase will work on gaming level hardware, you need to accept the performance and any potential glitches that may come with it. (Haven’t tested it on gaming hardware recently so I’m not sure how it works. In the past I had some issues with ground shadows showing up correctly but that was it). The GPU advantage means what you give up in quality, you gain back in true real-time performance (vs semi quick time, visuals trickle into focus which you get with hypershot)

But now Showcase can do GPU and CPU driven raytracing like Hypershot which makes it very compelling IMO, esp since they dropped the price.

Showcase also has a level of interaction and flexibility that is really nice if you need it. As a design review tool it’s very powerful in that regard, and they are also starting to roll better animation tools into it which is another big pro if you use it.

I really like showcase’s decal/texture application. Theres still some bugs that piss me off, but theres a lot of things that work really nicely. For example in the old days if I had 2 copies of my object, one upright, and one laying on the floor, and I applied a logo to one of my products, I would have to completely re-apply it and reposition it on the second object (which if at an off angle would be a huge PITA) Showcase I can just click and boom, automatically knows exactly where I want it.

From a productivity perspective, what used to take me days I can now comfortably do in hours. I don’t feel bad about going home the night before a design review with no renderings, because I know I can crank out high quality images all in a few hours the next morning.

RE: Integration with other software. So far I’ve only tested with Alias and Pro, but it has Autodesk’s direct connect technology for importing, so it should recognize any material breakup you’ve done in your CAD software and automatically merge all of those objects to quickly and easily swap out materials. They even have some automation you can do though I’ve never done that myself. I will break up my CAD model in Alias so I can get the close up surface detail (and define material breaks more easily than in Pro) and then as soon as I import to showcase I can pick all of my temporary shaders, replace them with my good shaders, add ambient shadows, decals, some quick lighting tweaks and start exporting images.

I’ve used Maxwell and I will definately say from a rendering engine/photorealism point of view it has the best image quality hands down. But it requires a LOT of knowledge to get your setup the way you really want it and IMO is very clumsy to pick up and use.

Showcase is realtime, and because of how it stores CAD data, you can update your file externally, hit the “update” button and if everything lines up the way it should your new data will be imported with your correct shaders in place. Doesn’t always work, esp if you have major changes, but for quick surface tweaks or issue fixes it works quite nicely. Also has a lot of “level of detail” options incase you want to import an army of products but only have the rendering hit for low res versions, and then can dynamically do the high detail tesselated models for close ups. Or do low detail for putting on your shaders and high performance and then high res for close ups.

A lot of nice stuff and it’s quick to pick up. Why doesn’t Autodesk pay me. :imp:

I saw a demo of Showcase few years ago and it looked like it had some potential. Sounds like it’s pretty good now, and comparable in price to Hypershot, which I love. Does anyone have any more details on Luxion pulling the license from Bunkspeed?

I saw an article about it, basically sounds like there were some IP issues around their engine and the person jumped ship who owned the patents so they had to stop selling it, and that their plan is to re-release with their own tech (which sounds like it could be some kind of GPU based or possible hybrid tech)

Time passes by, 3D softwares get better and 2010 I’ll finally jump in! :slight_smile: Rhino 4.0 and Showcase looks like a good pair.