Photoview 360: How to save a "scene"?

Hi, I’m trying to use Photoview 360, and I have to do a bunch of renderings with solid WHITE backgrounds. This means no ground shadows, as people can’t arrange stuff in powerpoint as well as they’d like to. If I disable “visible environment”, then the background is solid black. In hypershot, I could set the background color to white, and it worked great. But I know how to get the results in 360, but I have to do this EVERY TIME I open a model. Is there a way to save an “environment” with a background, and import multiple models into it? Or save all your settings so you can open a model and load a default set of settings so I don’t have to change this manually each time?

You don’t have to turn off environment, just Save your final PV360 image as .png, then open in PowerPoint.

If you don’t want the floor shadow in PP, turn off floor option (although I think it models with floor shadow in PP look awesome!)



Hello Mark.
Let me just ask you a couple of things:

  1. With Photoworks (Solidworks 2008) I had the option of editing shadows in an independently from the scene. I can’t find the way of doing the same thing with Photoview 360 (Solidworks 2011). Is it possible?

  2. In Photoworks (Solidworks 2008) exists the posibility of choosing different fixed lighting options independently from the scene. Is it possible to do this same thing with Photoview 360 (Solidworks 2011)?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards.

Alejandro Girimonti.

Hi Alejandro

The answer to both your questions is yes. If you’re new to PV360 you might find the first 6 or os posts at my blog helpful.


Quick fix for me has always been a 1px×1px color block for background. I’m not sure if this slows renders in any way but it’s an easy solution for those ‘floating’ sans-border visuals needed for Powerpoints.

RobR is king though. best tip was adding a extraneous surface and tagging it with a light material. Its much easier to get the highlights you want than tweaking an HDR.