- Photography for the masses


Please visit is a new photo deposit for all types of photographers.
From professionals to amateurs, even casual people that love to take pictures.”

“Just make a stylish, original, trendy picture and submit to
In we will provide a way to show the world your work, share pictures with other photographers, earn download credits from a proactive cooperation. And even if you are not a photographer and just need a new nice picture to use on you website, magazine, e-zine, or just to collect, we will offer a way to buy credits and download as you wish!”

We are planning to reward photographers with money in the future but right now for every upload you get 2 download credits. And every day you get 1 additional credit for free.

Due to server costs we have a “donation” area where people who dont contribute can buy cheap packs of 50 to 200 photos, prices ranging on €9.50 for 50 credits and €25 for 200 credits.

This site is more directed for amateur photographers to submit their work (pro’s are welcome of course!), making this an alternative stock photo site, different from the usual style, more stylish and less commercial.
Copyright remains to the author.

I hope you find this beautyful and most of all, useful for your design projects. Dont forget to contribute if you have a nice shot taken with your brand new camera :wink:

Visit it and tell your friends about it. This is photography for the masses.

Best Regards Team

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