What is the best way to learn Photoshop? What is the best book on the subject?

Buy it and start using it. There are some great tutorials in the software. You can also find some good ones on the internet. There are plenty of great books at you local bookstore (Barnes and Noble etc…) Photoshop Is a program that take time to learn. Just got to stick with it.

The best way is to just open it up and start playing around. There are a ton of internet tutorials on doing Photoshop renderings as well as DVD’s, etc.

As far as books go, I’d go to Amazon and see what their best sellers are, or just go to a book store and sit down and flip through some of them. Lots of Photoshop books will probably cover a much broader range of concepts (for Photoretouching and things like that) that don’t really apply much to design. Once you learn what the tools do it’s really more about picking up the millions of different tricks and figuring out how they fit into your workflow. The beauty of Photoshop is you can accomplish the same thing about 10 different ways - just a matter of figuring out which one is the fastest and what works for you.