Photoshop - where is parent/child option?

Hi, I’ve got Photoshop CS4 and I’ve been watching Scott Robertson’s bicycle rendering.

At 1h39mins50secs he mentions creating a child/parent layer by holding shift when a little icon appears between layers. This creates a layer above which refers to the layer below it for information on where you can paint (like preserve transparency).

Thing is, no icon is showing up between layers! Am I missing something here?



try holding the ‘alt’ key… that works with adjustment layers

Perfect! Thanks a lot!!

In PS that’s actually called a ‘clipping mask’ The parent/child relationship makes more sense to me though. You can create them by right clicking the above layer and selecting ‘create clipping mask’ This can be undone by clicking ‘release clipping mask’ It’s also available under the ‘Layer’ menu or ‘command+alt+G’ Another great example of how photoshop gives you 4 ways to do the same thing.