Photoshop Tutorials ?

Hi Guys,

Everyone here seems to be really helpful so I thought I’d ask if anyone knows where I could find some detailed tutorials for Photoshop? I need something that works from the absolute basics as I’ve seen some posts of “my first Photoshop render” and I am light years behind them :frowning: I really don’t know the first thing about layers etc. the only tool I’ve ever really been able to use is Lens flare…I’m about to get started learning it properly as a majority of jobs advertised require PS skills :confused:

Anyway, thank you in advance for any help you could give me… :slight_smile:


at that low of a level I would recomen picking up a good primer book to really help explain thigs for you, check Also this site might help:

And another tip, forget that you know how to do a lens flare. In some circles you will be made fun of.

OK, put the lens flare down and back up, slowley now, no sudden moves… I didn’t want to point it out but Skinny busted you.

Thanks for the help guys - even I know that using lens flare is something to be ridiculed, but I feel that that really illustrates how bad my level of knowledge is with this software!! :laughing:

What really made me realise how much I didn’t know was seeing the thread on here where someone had drawn some snowboard goggles with the camera in them as a first attempt!! :open_mouth: Then seeing what Yo knocked up was what inspired me to ask about tutorials :slight_smile:

I have an extremely detailed photoshop tut on productdesignforums. You have to have some basic knowledge but I over-word so much it should be easy to follow for a newbie.

Check out Skinny’s tutorial.
My boss likes making small changes CONSTANTLY, and using markers was just not time effective.
This is truly a great way to present a lot of ideas.
Especially when you start getting good.

thanks skinny, by the way.