Photoshop (tutorial) books

I can get around decently in photoshop, but I want to pick up a tutorial book to help me improve my skills.

The two books I’ve had recommended to me were the Photoshop Wow! book, and the Photoshop Bible.

I’ve already been to the bookstore to look at both - the Bible is huge! It does contain a boatload of information, though. Unfortunately, it seems that many people find this book not very helpful, based on the fact that the tutorials don’t build on the knowledge gained from previous tutorials - basically, you can’t combine tutorials without already knowing what you’re doing.

On the other hand, the Wow! book seemed more than a little confusing in the few minutes I looked through it. There are, however, many people out there who love this book, I’m just not sure I can get past the terrible layout. Others have said the same thing.

SO – for those of you who’ve used these books, did you find either of them helpful? Annoying? Confusing?

There are tons of tutorials online for free. Here are a few:

Adobe Studio
Tip[s and Tutorials

Ben’s Extra
Photoshop tips of the week

Tutorials located on the left side of the page

Tips and Techniques

lots here

Hands on Training by DocOzone
Kind of tacky but it may help

Qucktime sample tutorials (free)

tutorials tips and help

VTC Photoshop 7
Qucktime tutorials online

Video Tutorial
layers and effects

Depending on your level you might find the tutorials published in Computer arts helpful. In each issue there are at least one tutorial on photoshop. I think they also have done a special issue (computer arts projects) on photoshop. Look at

They are a few magazines subscriptions that I heard were most helpful. I have a photographer that has I believe its just called Photoshop (sorry if I’m wrong) that he absolutely talks highly of. I have also received Inside Photoshop, which is like a monthly newsletter designed and written by graphic designers. So it’s easy to understand and learn new techniques. What’s also great about it is its not a ton of info at once. It is a little costly, I think about $120 a year. Sorry thats about all I know, good luck.

One of the best magazines for photoshop is “Photoshop User.” You have to join the National Association of Photoshop Professionals to get it though: