Photoshop Snowboard Goggles

Here is a photoshop rendering from a sketch I did. I am still learning A LOT about photoshop, so any comments or suggestions are welcomed! It took me about an hour and a half.

Your perspective is a bit off. Be sure to draw through your drawing so that you get the correct roundness of the form. As for Photoshop, I’d be sure to put in some varying line weights over the render to pop the form. be sure to get dark darks and light lights. and throw in some highlights on parting sections. Other than that, good start. Look around on here and coroflot for good examples of photoshop rendering and learn from them. Good luck

A good tip for textures is to steal them from the internet and then set them as a multiply layer over the desired area. Here you can tweak the surface to match the perspective of the textured area.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions guys! I’ll be sure to keep working on it and hopefully post an improved render later on.