photoshop rendering

Hi, I have a question in rendering a specific product, a cellphone.
I understand there are the basic rules that apply to all the product rendering…such as gradation, highlights, shadows… But, a shoe rendering
is definitely different from a car, although similaries do exist.

I am working on a cellphone project currently and need of a metalic-silver
looking rendering. Naturally I used lots of grey scales with white to make it look like a metal-silver cell phone… but it came out looking like big grey blur.

I would appreciate it if anybody here can help me here with this.
Is there a know-how that I don’t know about in rendering a product like this?
I would also appreciate it if anybody has some kind of samples that I can
look and learn.( I went through some megs and ripped out pages that had
photos of cellphone… I am using it as a guide to render… but if anybody
has a source … much appriciated.)

Thank you.

It is FT again… another question for you people.

So besides this cell phone looking like a big grey blur, I have another
problem. I do not know how to create parting lines.
How do you do it?
I tried many methods… using a sketch line with photoshop effect such
as bevel and emboss ( unnatural and ugly)… using a paint brush on the
edges of each surface to give darkest and highlights ( surface came out
looking bulged, not smooth…)

Thanks in advance for help… :smiley:

im not great at rendering in PS, but the illustrator-photoshop rendering tutorial is awesome. this tutorial really got me started off on the right foot. you also mentioned a metalic silver material. is it more of a “brushed” surface or “reflective” like chrome?

Thank you… I took a look at it. Just what I was looking for…

It is a brushed surface.

brushed, good, that’s much easier. Pick an area, fill it with a grey, go to filter-noise, and choose gausian or monochrome and your angle. May not be that exact path, going off the top of my head, but it’s something like that. After you do that, do another filter (you’ll have to look for it, that says “wind” or “direction blur”, something like that. Doing those 3 filters back to back will give you a brushed metal look with that subtle sparkly irridescence you get from metal. Look for the filters that give you those 2 options then play with the settings. Then do your shading and highlights as normal. Good luck, post up when you get finished so we can see.

For brushed metal I usaully just take a scan of the metal effect I’m looking for, and then shade on a multiply layer above it. Google some metal terms in google images and you’ll find some good stuff like this:

For part lines you can either use the path tool, or create the lines in Illustrator. I prefer doing them in illustrator because you get a bit more control… and then importing them as a top layer in photoshop to use for selecting.

Another way to get brushed metal and probably alot easier to tessilate is to lay a light grey in a layer in photoshop. Next add gaussian noise in filters and then whack in some directional blur either left to right or top to bottom, flatten image, transform to black and white from RGB and voila when SUPER useful brushed metal… Up to you to choose direction, size and intensity of ‘brushing’…

apologies skinny, didnt see that you d got in there already

no prob. beautiful rendos on your site by the way.

Tom always brings heat…

thank you.
it was my first time posting a q… I never expected to get so many
helpful advices…!
you guys are the best.

This is my first time posting here so hopefully i can mange to get this right.

Would you guys give me some feedback on how i can get closer to making this photoshop rendering look better?