Photoshop Rendering


After reading yo’s auto sketch thread, I thought I’d try my hand at a photoshop rendering - something I never received formal training on in school. I taught myself how to touch up photos and do some fairly simple editing for fun. :slight_smile:

I had a scanned image of a line drawing that I did several months ago that I used as a starting point. I am limited to a mouse as an input device here at home, so I didn’t have as much control as I would have liked. I also went for the “canson” look via noise filter. Total time was about an hour and a half.

How did I do?

nice. I like the illustrative quality of it…reminded me of the illustrations in 50s magazines ( line drawing, muted color fill) which is very appropriate for the look and feel of your design. Was it something that just happened or was it something you were going for?

Some of both, actually. I didn’t really try to get the ‘illustration’ look at first, but playing with layer opacity brought it out - I liked it, and emphasized it a bit more.

good job dude. Props on the drawing every cross hatch on the woven rutan seat there. well done. Also the dynamic perspective is always a crowd pleaser. So often furniture is done in plain ortho’s or orthagraphic projection. This composition has a nice attitude.

A couple of sugestions:

it has a real nice quality to it, the shadow is the most ‘computery’ part. Maybe blur it a bit.

The base colors are very muted and the grey shadows on the design might take it down a bit too far. Adding a bit more yellow and tan tones into those shadows might make it sing even more.

In the front legs, there is no value contrast from the front surface to the side surface. Adding a hit of lightness to one of these might make it pop off the page a bit.

Overall… complete hotness. Love the style and the design!

Thanks for the compliments yo and melovescookies

I’ll see if I can’t implement the suggestions. :slight_smile:

Looks good, the crosshatching looks nice. I do think some higher constrast on your different surfaces would make it stronger. You might want to think about your wood finish as to how reflective it would be. I think I am going to start working on this as well, after seeing yo’s car sketches and what not they just look cool. Keep up the good work.


any update? new sketches? 73?

well since the topic is “photoshop rendering” and not “73 lotus’ renderings”

I decided to post mine here as well without starting a new thread.
I was considering posting it up before I started it. Anyways, this is the rendering I did for the kicksguide competition of last month (inspired bu the F430 Ferrari) The concept wasnt about function or innovation (for me) but rather in form and getting across the spirit of Ferrari. and also this is my first photoshop only (from scratch) I did some hand sketches of it before, but no scan-and-touchup.