photoshop question

Hi !
I was wondering if you could give me some advice on photoshop. I know there is a way to take a picture and then using some wonderous filter- to make it come out as lines in all different colours (sort of like the paul smith designs), so you end up with a picture which is a bunch of lines parallel in different colours which resemble the colours that would make up the pics (each line is a different colour).

Does anyone know how to do that?

Thanks so much !

there are tons of those filters… trial and error.

do you mean conte crayon? its one of those artistic filters.

no- this thing leaves you with a whole screen which is just parralel lines in different colours from left to right.

You could use the motion blur filter.

Or for a more extreme look, just hilight a small area of the picture (even just one or a few pixels wide) and stretch it to the the extreme (use the transform tool and pull the handles.)

I would also take the Motion Blur tool, crank it way up to about 800 on a 45 degree angle. Use your Hue/Saturation to tweak the colors as you wish. Then use your Cutout (Filters/Artistic/Cutout) filter to block the colours off a bit more.

I tried it out and made a copy of that layer, ran the Glowing Edges (Filters/Stylize/Glowing Edges) filter on it, then desaturated that into B&W, adjusted the contrast to high white edges, then inversed the colors to black on white edges and set the layer blending mode to Multiply on top of the original color blocks. This kinda creates some cool cell-looking stuff.

Have you checked out these plugin filters for photoshop?: