Photoshop question HELP

How do I change the color of a picture or photo. I am trying to change a peice of white chocolate into dark chocolate and keep the highlights and shadows. Please help me ASAP.


Select only what you want to change

Edit–>Adjust–>Hue and Saturation

select the Colorize option

now adjust the three sliders,

Problem is white does not work well. I did have notes on how to adjust whites, I will see if I can find that as well.

Thank you. I will try it out.

Perfect. Thanks I needed something quick and dirty and it does just the trick.

replace color also works well. you can select one color, adjust the accuracy of the selection and then tune the color, hue and saturation.


also try the layer blending modes. you can get a variety of results by painting a brown section in a new layer above the photo that is the profile of your chocolate and using either multiply, color or overlay or any combination of multiple layers to get the desired result.

i’ve also had great results with rkuchinsky’s method, although replacing white can be tricky depending on what your background is (you can always mask the background out).

sorry im a beginner here… what is replace color? is it just draw out the part and change the color? What if the picture is something complicated?

for white I will usually select the white (however is best) use levels to make it medium grey, and then colorize it using hue/saturation. This should bump up your tones.

Also the blending modes thing works great.