Photoshop moving layers (slightly) when file gets big

Hey all,

I’m working on a fairly big rendering in Photoshop (60-70 layers) and I’m noticing the program move things around slightly without my doing- a highlight moved a smidge to the right, a shadow nudged up a tiny bit. This seems to always happen when my renderings accumulate lots of layers. Anyone else experienced this/know why it’s happening?


Do you group and place your layers in in folders separating them out? i.e Highlight folder, Shadow folder…

Are you maybe have auto select layer on? Sometimes it will select that layer and you will move it a little. Since these are most likely transparency layers, you may be selecting them and moving them slightly on accident. It happens to me a lot. Most times i catch it, but sometimes I have to go back in an move it back.

Yea I think it must have been the auto-select. Thanks for the feedback guys.