Photoshop help

I have 2 layers. I want the top layer to fade into nothing, revealing the second layer.

I recall using gradient fill tool to fill the first layer, then turn something on so that the black portion of the gradient becomes transparent. So how do I do it?

Its still hard to follow what you want to do but here are some suggestions.

In the layers palette you will notice settings for opacity and fill (to the right of the palette.) Try playing around with them.

Also in the layers palette, where it says normal, try changing the filter to something else. This can give some rather interesting effects… if you are familiar with photo filters you will understand how they work.

never done but thought i’d try. this kinda works.

–add layer1–
–top image–
–bottom image–

in layer1 create b&w gradient.
duplicate that layer (“layer2”)
select layer2 and image->adjust->invert) - you have a negative of layer1
move layer2 so you get this

–top image–
–bottom image–

turn off bottom two layers. change mode of layer1 to “screen”. then “merge visible” (layer1 and top image). turn the resulting layer off.

turn on bottom two. repeat steps of top two for these two.

now have blend of ‘white to top image’ above and ‘bottom image to white’ beneath. change the mode of the one above to “multiply”.


anyone got better way?

okay. figured out. like you said its simple.

go to Channels. create an Alpha. create your mask using Gradient tool. load selection (bottom of window). go back to Layer. select top layer. Delete. it should delete the selected area. Quickmask probably does same thing. it creates channel too.

Use Layer Masks. This allows you to retain the information in the layer that you want to feather in. So if you made a mistake you can adjust the layer mask

Apply Layer Mask to the upper layer Layer>Add Layer Mask>Hide All.
The image in the upper layer should disappear in the display window. In the layer pallette you will find a black square linked to the image in the upper layer. Click on the black square to edit the layer mask if it is not already active. This layer mask works similar to channels. Black means that the image is blocked by the layer mask. White means that the image shows through.

Apply a white gradient to the layer mask. The white regions of the layer mask will allow the image to show through. If you made a mistake simply click on the layer mask and either brush or gradient or fill back with black.

like to think my PS incompetence prompted the above.

thanks MB.

-btw is there way to copy that layer mask and paste it into another layer? say i want same transition for several pairs of images. how can i take the layer mask from one and transfer it to another? just creates new layer when i do it.

Yse that was what I was looking for!!! Thanx!!!