photoshop chop shop

There have been a lot of virtual chop-shopped modified cars going around the internet, some are photoshop, some are actually CAD. Here are some examples:

I thought it would be fun for some of us to do the same. Here is a quick one that I did back in 2014, bouncing ideas back and forth with a friend of mine who designed the 3rd gen Nissan Cube exterior, just trying to make it a bit ridiculous. :slight_smile:

I did this on the most shallow level with friends- here was my exclusive leaked photo of the BMW X7 before you were supposed to see it in March 2014 (when it was just announced and years from being unveiled):

And a winterized version of an already formidable car:

This is a fun idea- and that Donut video is a quality piece, it got me into a few other topics of theirs.

ha, nice!

After spotting this chop, I had to make a quick Saturn version. If GM were still producing these brands they would naturally need several rebadged Camaros.

I always liked the Firebird conversion for Camaros. BTW: Shields: your Lincoln-BMW is better looking than what they are doing lately;)

I was messing around with doing this the other day. I had a dream of doing a safari Porsche for a fly fishing car.

Indy Fab (actually the guy behind the bike company) beat you to that:

It’s gorgeous.