Photoshop Basics

So, just got a new computer (macbook) and have installed PS for the very first time. I have had not ADobe education at University, and i’m feeling like I need to learn. Primarily, I plan on using PS to create presentation boards, as well as make some nice renders and perhaps clean up scanned images. Can anyone recommend some ID specific tutorials or tutorial sites? A lot of the tutorials I have browsed through do not really seem to deal with what IDer’s need.

Suggestions? I know there are a couple in the sketching section, but I am a COMPLETE amateur. I can use Corel, but i don’t know how helpful that is.

try: has good photoshop rendering tut

Definitely step one is buy Scott Robertson’s bike rendering video
Also Herald Belker has a PS tuturial that’s pretty good, you can search for it on the gnomon site

As far as ID specific tuts, they’re pretty hard to find but you can find relevant tricks on illustration and graphic sites like:

Spend some time searching these, there are a lot of tricks that can by easily applied to ID work, whether it’s presentation board layout or renders.


epic, back up one click and check out the “Sketching” forum.

Yo, among others, does tons of tutorials. And they’re free.