Photorealism - Feedback

Hello Everyone

We are currently launching a campaign focused on photorealistic renderings, and would love to get feedback on what people think are our most photo-realistic renderings on our portfolio, as this is often something subject to opinion.

Here’s a link to our online portfolio and video presentation

Looking forward to hearing your feedback

It’s hard for me to pick a specific image, although looking through them for a few minutes I would say “House in Middletown in Rhode Island” and “Conceptual Office Space in Chicago” jumped out as being the closest to fool me.

In general - all of the images feel over-sharpened, the lack of any noise or depth of field makes them feel too perfect which suspends belief of it coming out of a camera. A little bit of imperfection goes a long way to selling the realism. It also seems the some of the anti-aliasing in some images is very noticeable, not sure if thats a result of the image being resized or just the render settings.

welcome to the forum.
We have had several discussions about how to improve realism on this board.

First of all most of your work is very convincing to me and as a client I would expect not much more than what you deliver.
Of course we always strive for perfection. The least convincing are your residence daylight exteriors, rendered quite flat, no DOF and the eye very easily spots repetitions and lack of imperfections. There is no single stain on the wooden facades, there is not one chip in the concrete, the fabrics are all perfect and evenly lit. Some shots are overly symmetric and some floating stairs are literally floating. It is clear in some areas that the lighting has been post-processed and doesn’t match the overall lighting. The eye just catches that something is off.

For most realistic my picks are:

  • Interior of Crest Place Residence in Los Angeles. It can still be improved with more ‘going on’ in the cast shadows such as for the plants, more intense lighting from the fire, a less homogeneous wall lighting and caustics from the glass. But on first sight to me it is convincing as being realistic.
  • Burberry Shop in Regen St. London, the diffuse glass and overall mood works nicely.

Least realistic is the Westhill Residence.
The first 15 seconds of your video reel are to me least convincing because it emphasizes those flat daylight exteriors, the rest works great.